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about us

Introduction to JONCHN Co., Ltd.

  【JONCHN】 is a national high-tech enterprise in the automation equipment industry. Located in Dongguan, the most economically active international manufacturing city in South China, it has a senior R&D design team in the automation industry, in mute modules, linear motors, module general control software, robot applications, intelligent production management systems, visual application systems, and intelligence. In many fields, such as non-standard equipment, we have successfully developed high-performance products and equipment with over 100 specifications. He obtained 19 national patents, 8 software copyrights, and was awarded the governing unit of the Robotics Association.
    Since its establishment, Nakagawa Automation has adhered to the business tenet of “continuing value creation for customers” and the business goal of “selecting Zhongchuan, creating brilliance”, providing high-quality automation integration solutions beyond customer expectations and creating value for customers. The company's module products and robot application solutions have been widely used in plastic coating, metal stamping, printing and packaging, communication electronics, assembly of lithium, food and medicine, medical and health, automobile manufacturing and many other fields, and established a comprehensive after-sales service and A strong technical support system. At present, the products have been widely used and highly recognized by many well-known global companies.
     In the course of its development, Nakagawa Automation has been providing automation solutions for industry experience and key technologies for the Chinese manufacturing and process industries. In the manufacturing industry, Nakagawa Automation provided industry application integration, technical support and training services to local OEMs, which won wide trust from the industry and continued to grow rapidly. We have made outstanding contributions to many strategic partners in shortening “Time To Market”, reducing costs, improving overall performance and competitiveness. At the same time, in the automation program research and development concept, system architecture and service concept, Nakagawa has also won wide recognition within the industry and customers. “Intensive farming, strengthening industry standardization integration and intelligent high efficiency” is the source of Zhongchuan automation development, and also an important factor to win trust. Providing perfect automation solutions for customers and becoming a win-win partner is the philosophy of Zhongchuan Automation Team. It is also an accurate explanation of the concept of "Perfection In Automation".
    The Zhongchuan Automation team has been committed to providing the perfect automation solution for intelligent manufacturing users in China. We are constantly innovating, providing high-quality products and pursuing perfect automation solutions to ensure that we achieve the business goal of “Selecting Zhongchuan and Creating brilliance”. Because we know that our future is closely integrated with your future!
    Nakagawa Automation is a young and energetic team with extensive industry experience and strong customer support. The open and trusting working environment allows the company to maintain a high level of operation, and a high level of professional team provides customers with considerate services. Choosing Zhongchuan once is worthy of permanent trust, and Zhongchuan will continue to create more value for customers. Choose Zhongchuan to create brilliant!


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