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How does the sound of the linear module run normally or is i

How does the sound of the linear module run normally or is i

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  The linear module basically emits a squeaking sound during operation. How can a technician judge whether the sound emitted by the linear module is normal or noisy? In good working condition, it will also emit low squeaking or sharp snoring, and professional personnel will rely on hearing and identification.
Linear module image
Linear module image
   But what is the cause of these noises? The linear module manufacturer Xiaobian comes to everyone under the introduction:
   1. Linear modules are required to have different preloads in different equipment applications, and different preloads may occur with noise conditions;
   Solution: According to different equipment, use the pre-adjustment pre-press.
   2. Lubricating grease is different, there will be noise;
   Solution: According to the linear module of different models, special oil should be used.
   3. Use different grades of linear module parts, such as poor screw, poor bearing, gap will also cause metal sound;
   Solution: The use of high-quality spare parts, when the purchase is warehousing, the inspection part is qualified for use, and the installation method is also strictly in accordance with the correct method.

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