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Does the linear module screw type require high repeatability

Does the linear module screw type require high repeatability

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   Q: Does the linear module screw type require high repeatability?
   A: The linear module screw type can be repeatedly positioned, which is intended to accurately record the accuracy and achieve the best movement effect. Let's take a look at the accuracy requirements for repeated positioning. The repeatability of a positioning system refers to the degree of change in the actual positioning position when an attempt is made to continuously pass a particular location. A highly repeatable system (which may or may not be highly accurate) exhibits very low positional dispersion regardless of the direction from which it passes through the same given position. The difference from the same direction toward (single direction repeatability), and the opposite direction (bidirectional repeatability) toward a point. In general, the position change of the two-way movement is higher than that of the one-way movement. Looking at the one-way movement repeatability data alone, you will not notice significant influences in the gear gap.
Linear module image
Linear module image
  If the repeatability requirements are high, it is best not to use a lead screw instead of a linear motor as a carrier out element. Although this requires an increase in the use of linear encoders and the slider and servo controllers need to operate in closed-loop mode, the performance obtained is greatly improved, and the limitations are only due to the resolution of the encoder and the inevitable effects of thermal effects. .
  Although the above-mentioned approach to eliminating the effects of thermal effects on measurement repeatability is too accurate, the reason we aim to fully demonstrate the high internal design of our anti-backlash nut (used with a lead screw driven slide) Repetitive features. Extensive testing with laser interferometers has shown that typical unidirectional values ​​are less than 0.5 microns (and many other products are between 0.1 and 0.3 microns) and bidirectional values ​​are below 1 micron (many other products are between 0.2 and 0.5 microns) ). In addition, the anti-backlash nut design is self-compensating, and even after long-term use, the repeatability of the device will not drop more than 5 microns. It can be seen from the above that the linear module screw type has strict requirements on the accuracy of repeated positioning, and the higher the precision, the more secure the quality of the product.

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