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Introduction to the safety device of SCARA robot

Introduction to the safety device of SCARA robot

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   SCARA robot is an advanced equipment for modern industrial production. Especially for some working environment that cannot be involved or is dangerous, its birth is undoubtedly a great help to industrial production. It can capture any The shape of the article is due to the principle of pneumatic balance, designed with multiple swivel joints, which can balance the weight of the workpiece. At the time of design, the arrangement of the safety devices is crucial, and reasonable arrangements are the last word. Here are several common safety devices for SCARA robots:
SCARA robot picture
SCARA robot picture
   1. Air shut-off protection device: It adopts check valve and air storage tank to ensure that accidental injury will occur after SCARA robot suddenly cuts off, and it can provide continuous and stable working pressure. Self-locking device for fixtures. The clamp is equipped with a shut-off valve to ensure that the clamp will not loosen when the system suddenly leaks, unless the operating button;
    2. Low-pressure alarm device: When the gas source works abnormally, the safety warning signal is detected and promptly given to the operator to promptly take measures;
    3. Misoperation protection device: monitor the movement speed of the robot arm to prevent accidental injury when the robot arm rises or falls rapidly during misoperation;
    4. Booster device: When the pressure of the on-site air source is not high, or unstable, the booster device can be selected to improve the working pressure of the air source and ensure the normal  operation of the system;
    5. Load-bearing limit protection device: When the SCARA robot grabs the overweight workpiece, it will issue an alarm. When the serious overweight is heavy, the safety valve will open to prevent danger;
    6. Brake device: Brake Device is installed at the link joint of SCARA robot to prevent SCARA robot from rotating or loosening, and to park SCARA robot when the work is over.

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