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Professional language for linear modules!

Professional language for linear modules!

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   In the case of buying or consulting linear modules, we often hear words that we don't understand, and if you don't know it yourself. Then you can only nod or not reply when you buy. These terms refer to some technical professional vocabulary about linear modules. I believe that one of the problems we often have to ask is the accuracy of this linear module. How much, this "precision" can be said to be the professional term of linear modules.
Linear module image
Linear module image
  Like when we buy a car, we often hear about the displacement of the car, the horsepower of the engine, whether it is automatic or manual. If you don't know the car, you haven't bought a car. If you hear these terms, you are also awkward. Before we buy a car, we must first understand this before we can clearly know that we need the type when we buy a car. You can also answer the questions when the salesperson introduces them.
  The same is true when we buy linear modules. It may be that the knowledge of linear modules is more unpopular than that of cars. You have never heard of them. Of course, because of this we have to understand, the following small series to introduce you to the professional language of linear modules!
  a. Effective stroke: refers to the effective path length that the slider on the linear module can slide. The longer the linear module, the greater the negative impact of the load;
  b. Maximum load: refers to the maximum weight that can be loaded for movement. If the center of gravity of the workpiece is offset from the center of the slider, it is also necessary to consider the allowable amount of protrusion, which is lower than the selection data of the module when selecting the weight of the workpiece;
  c. Repeat positioning accuracy: 30 positioning operations in the specified direction, 3 times the standard deviation of the target position as the repeat positioning accuracy, the highest repeat positioning accuracy of the Zhongchuan linear module is: ±0.01mm/s;
  d. Maximum speed: refers to the highest speed of movement. The linear module is based on the maximum speed of the servo motor 3000RPM and the maximum speed of the stepping motor 600RPM. When selecting the type, the inertia of the loader acceleration and deceleration and the moment generated by the action point of the force should be considered; if the moving distance is short, the maximum speed marked by the manual cannot be reached;
  e. Allowable extension: Refers to the allowable extension of the workpiece. The data in the specification is the distance from the center above the slider to the center of gravity of the workpiece, based on the weight of each workpiece. This value is determined by the life of the linear guide. Under normal conditions, if the center of gravity of the workpiece is controlled within the allowable amount of protrusion, 90% of the linear guide rail life will reach 1000km or more. When the allowable extension amount exceeds the specification data, the support rail or the limiting operating condition (speed, acceleration) must be added separately. ) to avoid affecting the life of linear modules;
  f. Rated thrust: refers to the force exerted by the linear module module in the forward (holding) state;
  g. Dangerous speed: refers to the highest safe speed that can be used in the stroke. Because of the slenderness ratio problem, if it exceeds this speed, resonance may occur. Please reduce the moving speed at this time;
  The above is some professional terminology about linear modules, I hope you will be helpful when you buy linear modules!

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