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Introduction to the application of linear modules in the las

Introduction to the application of linear modules in the las

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  For mechanical equipment, the advantages of processing generally have their own characteristics, but because it is a mechanical equipment, the first reaction to the enterprise is awkward, the integration of linear modules helps the use of mechanical equipment to expand complex designs. With high efficiency and flexibility, the laser welding machine equipment utilizes simple automatic up and down intelligent processing to realize a line production mode, enabling batch processing and production.
Linear module image
Linear module image
   China's "world factory", the production manufacture in recent years has not only been limited to the production of low value-added items such as agriculture and light industry, but also high value-added manufacturing industries such as semiconductors, automobiles, OLEDs, and mobile communication, which are also being transferred from abroad to China. , driving the demand for high-end equipment such as laser equipment.
   The rapid development of laser equipment, the huge demand, has also led to the development of linear modules in the additional equipment industry, which is widely used in the application of laser equipment, and promotes industrial upgrading.
   The advantages of linear modules in the laser industry are highlighted, mass production, short delivery, modular design, easy installation, and standard product parts inventory. The production sites near the mainland have improved the long-term delivery of imported goods and the shortcomings of long-term after-sales treatment, and there is no worry after sale. The mature linear module manufacturing process is more precise and simpler than the internal design of the company, and the appearance is more prominent, which saves the laser industry effort and saves costs.
   At present, the laser industry is booming, and the downstream application market is constantly upgrading and expanding. The upgrade of domestic manufacturing equipment is a big trend and a big market. Enterprises that grasp this enthusiasm and lay out the market in advance are the first to enjoy this wave of dividends.

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